Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring, Where Are You?

I will admit that I like winter for the first few months.  And I say MONTHS because where I live, winter can last from mid-October to the end of April.  I am fine until around March because by then, the thrill of the first snow, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and casual fun in the snow has ended.  And friends, we have reached that point.  The clocks have changed to Daylight Savings Time and now that it is lighter well into the evening, I would love to be outside enjoying those extra hours of daylight...

So, where have we been this winter?  Well, we have been here, just unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day to get to everything that I want to.  Hubs has found a part-time job working nights and weekends, so I have been doing a lot of solo parenting, which doesn't leave time for much else once I have made and cleaned up dinner, played with the kids, tucked them in, and have completed whatever other task of the evening... and in this house, it's usually laundry.

But in the meantime, we've had some fun this winter.  I'm just reaching the point where I am over it and ready to start preparing for Spring, which starts this week.  And after playing in the snow today, it is still up to my knees so it's not going anywhere just yet!

Playing inside on the below zero days...

Enjoying the casual diner.

Doing the "wheelbarrow" when Uncle Chris visits.

Spending quality time with one another... For thirty seconds.

Spending the day with mom at work!

Getting a first haircut!  He looks so much "older."

Wondering why Santa brought toys when the diaper box is just as fun.

Visiting great-grandma after her hip replacement...
And cheering up some of the other patients with their cuteness!

Enjoying the Snow Ball with Daddy.
(And you can't see the pretty corsage he gave her too.)


Being so tired that we pass out in our chair
watching one of our favorite movies, The Incredibles.

Hope you are staying warm during these brutally cold days of winter!  The snow is still up to my knees here, so maybe Spring will be here some day?!?


  1. Omg I am so over this winter. I need sunshine and spring and time outside.

    1. Longest. Winter. Ever. It's calling for snow up my way on the first day of spring.