Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014 with Open Arms

As the clock turned to acknowledge a fresh start on life, I was fast asleep and dreaming about what the year would hold.  Seriously.  I couldn't make it until midnight.  And that may have been because the kids had me up at 3:48 am that morning.  Oh wait, it definitely was.

However, before I climbed into bed, I spent a few minutes thinking about New Year resolutions and what I hope, well, would like, to accomplish in 2014.  So without further adieu:

1.  Be Healthier.  Eat less.  Exercise more.  Get more sleep.  [haha]. What do I hope to achieve from this?  Losing weight and being able to run at least a 5K.

2.  Unpack boxes.  Half the house is still packed in boxes.  I would love to get through them all.  Which leads me to 3.

3.  Organize.  Organize.  Organize.  We have so. much. stuff.  Most of it we would use if we realized we actually owned it and knew where to find it.  It would also be nice for everything to have a home - even if it was a bin.

4.  Spend less, save more.  Now that we are a single income family, this is exceptionally important.  I'm armed with an updated budget and ready to accept the challenge!

5.  Quality time.  I want to spend more quality time with the kids and Adam.  Do things with them.  Have an occasional date night with Adam.  

6.  Get licensed.  Here's hoping that 2014 is the year I get my architecture license!!

7.  Put blinders on.  I know this sounds weird, but I need to stop being distracted by the drama of others and focus on us.  This is not a case of "Keeping up with the Jones," but rather getting frustrated to the point of pissed off about other's actions.  It's going to be the hardest resolution yet to keep, but it is so important for my mental health and sanity!!  

If you have any resolutions, I would love to hear them!  

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  1. I love this post and I think 2014 is going to be a great year for both of us. Now if we could just get our kids to make a resolution that they'll sleep more.