Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 12 Thoughts During My Commute

When we moved, my commute time tripled.  I've been able to alleviate some of that commute time by working in our Syracuse office, but it still means I am on the road for two hours a day an average of three days a week.  Now I have way too much time to think about everything.  And I mean everything.  But I've made a list of the top 12 thoughts that run through my head during my commute... Well, the ones without the drama or me overthinking every. single. situation. 
  1. Timing:  Did I leave the house on time?  How can it take me 30 minutes one day and 45 minutes the next?  Did I remember everything?  Do I deserve have time for a coffee stop this morning?
  2. To-Do List:  I forgot I was going to do x, y, and z last night for work.  Who am I kidding?  I have no energy to do work after I get the kids to bed.  [This is why I go in early; to be productive before the distractions of the morning.]
  3. Work stuff:  What was that code reference?  The one I needed to remember about the fire extinguisher path of travel.  NFPA?  UFC?  How am I going to cut 886 sf from this building? Don't forget to call the window rep today.
  4. To-Do List:  Did I ever finish and send out the grant proposal for Habitat for Humanity?
  5. Dinner:  What's for dinner?  Moe's Monday?  Oh wait, I need to take something out.  Maybe try a new Pinterest recipe?
  6. Road Rage:  Why is this car going 45 in a 55?  Don't they know the damn speed limit?
  7. Kids:  What to do with the kids tonight?  Do they need a bath?  I wonder how many times Alec will wake up tonight...
  8. Road Rage:  Did I miss my exit?  Nope, just kidding, just past the landmark.  Seriously, how much longer will it take to get there?  How do I already need gas again this week?
  9. Weekend Plans:  What is on the agenda this weekend?  Ugh, I need to find time to study.  And fold laundry. And maybe clean the house.  Who am I kidding?  It will be a disaster in five minutes anyway.
  10. Cash Flow:  Is it Friday yet?  Payday Friday?  What bills are due?  Are we over budget?  I need to update our budget.  
  11. Working Out:  I wonder if I will get in a workout?  Maybe I should just get up earlier to do it.  Haha. Getting up before five go to work is already early enough.
  12. To-Do List:  I need to measure the garage so I can lay out the mudroom area and the workbenches. And space for storage.  I wonder how long it will take to build the mudroom area.  I think we can do it in a weekend... 
While I love the flexibility of having a car, I sometimes daydream about being able to commute to work and the things I could do then - read a book, play candy crush, catch up on social media, study, etc.  Or I daydream about winning the lottery.  But then that gets depressing when I realize how much money we don't have.  Ha. 

What do you do on a long commute when you are the one driving? 

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  1. Omg yes x12!!!! I have to drive from nj to Brooklyn everyday. Staten Island is like a parking lot and I think all of those things. And also I curse a lot