Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas in NYC

This past weekend, Emma was initiated into girls' weekend by making her first trip to NYC.  This plan had been in the making since my friends came up to visit at the end of August and it was definitely a much needed weekend for everyone!  

I had been thinking about taking Emma to NYC for awhile and it worked out that it coincided with the holiday season.  We stayed with my friend Jen, who lives in Jersey, and it worked out well.  Our friend Diane met us there and Jen's boyfriend was around too.  Everyone accommodated Emma so well and it was exactly what she needed too.  I think not having Alec around and everyone focusing on playing with her helped a lot.

We stayed in on Friday and Emma had more energy than all of us combined!  She helped decorate their Christmas tree and played with their dog.  And got to stay up late and fall asleep with a TV in our room.

Saturday we ventured into the city and while I was a little worried about pulling it all off between walking, bathrooms, and the holiday traffic, it all went well with the help of my friends.  She loved holding their hands, helped entertain her, and held bags and coats while we shopped.  

We did Rockefeller Center to see the tree and ice skating, the Lego store to get from the Lego wall, American Girl store, FAO Schwartz, and Dylan's Candy.  And for a girl who only ever gets to look at one toy aisle in Target, she actually got to buy stuff!  She and Adam made out well during this trip!  

Rockefeller Center

Batman [made from Legos!] at FAO Schwartz

Batman and his sidekicks

Lego soldier at FAO Schwartz

Candy selections

Diane and E on the subway

Dan and Emma playing Legos [six boat iterations later] while the ladies recoup

It was a great weekend and definitely what I needed!  The drive home is always insane and so. forever. long.  But we made it home before the snowstorm!  

Thanks again to my friends for their amazing hospitality and a much needed weekend of fun and catching up!


  1. Isn't New York amazing during the holiday season? It's one of the things I loved most about growing up in the city.

    1. It truly is! I live about five hours from NYC, so we don't frequent often, but if we do, I love going at the holidays. Just the storefronts alone can be beautiful.